Print. Babylon Nightmare “…shows the way to achieve maximum effect with a minimally structured mix…” The Wire (UK)

ccvBabylon Nightmare - Jahdan Blakkamoore


Jahdan Blakkamoore – “Mountains To Climb”

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The Wire (UK) – “…varying styles with each track, from ragga to one-drop roots, soft soul reggae to more hip hop inclined tunes…Stand out tracks are ‘Down In The Ghetto’… ‘Ghetto Living’ and ‘Right Way’, where a sparse hip-hop rhythm shows the way to achieve maximum effect with a minimally structured mix.” – March 2011

Montreal Mirror – “As soulful as he is conscious, Jahdan showcases an effortless ability to merge dancehall with roots, R&B and hip hop.” – February 2011

All Music Guide – “A gently powerful dancehall/funk workout that nicely alternates despair with hope…” – Jan 2011 (read more)

Short and Sweet NYC – “Honest and relevant… Blakkamoore is definitely one to keep an eye on…” – Jan 2011 (read more)

RCRDLBL - “We suggest [Jahdan's] entire new album Babylon Nightmare as your winter soundtrack…” Dec 2010 read more

United Reggae“Earlier this year Nas and Junior Gong truly international work that fused ancient and modern, urban and rural sounds and ideals. This feels like chapter two.” – Dec 2010 (read more)

Reggaemani - “Jahdan has managed to outperform himself.” – Dec 2010 (read more)

Achis Reggae“The best lyrical experience to be found in modern reggae…” – Dec 2010 (read more)

Fader“[All Comes Back To One] finds Blakkamoore exploring a softer, less dark side.” – Nov 2010 (read more)

OkPlayer/LargeUp“…easily the hottest artist making reggae outside Jamaica right now–and one of the hottest, period…” – Nov 2010 (read more)

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Jahdan Blakkamoore – “All Comes Back To One”

Jahdan Blakkamoore – “Against All Odds” featuring Noble Society

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