Dread & Alive – comic book and music compilation series

“We don luv fighting, but we don luv wicked either.”

Dread & Alive is the first superhero comic book with a Jamaican as the protagonist. Created and written by Nicholas Da Silva, the story follows Drew McIntosh and his heroic exploits in the urban landscape of San Francisco and rural Jamaica after being empowered by a sacred amulet created by the Jamaican Maroons. Culturally relevant and boldly revolutionary in its undertaking, Dread & Alive’s stunning imagery capture the magic and the mystery of the epic fantasy storyline. What kind of scheming is Shadowcatcher engaged in? What are Gryphon and his henchmen plotting against the hero, Drew McIntosh? What will Drew do to counter this evil? Find out in Dread & Alive!

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Inspired by The Dread & Alive comic book, The Lost Tapes is a musical journey compiled by Soul of the Lion in cooperation with Zoolook to accompany the epic Dread & Alive comic book. Hailed by the Jamaica Gleaner as “new territory in the collusion of art and Jamaican music”, The Lost Tapes span reggae, dub, spoken word and soulful roots. Designed to be heard either alongside Da Silva’s comic book, or, as a special, standalone musical event, The Lost Tapes is a unique find for music as well roots and culture fans everywhere.

Dread & Alive is available in the USA, Japan, Netherlands via the Dread & Alive website.

Preview Dread & Alive’s The Lost Tapes: VOLUME 1 ## VOLUME 2###VOLUME 5###VOLUME 6


Pound Magazine “Each issue of the eye-opening comic comes with an accompanying reggae soundtrack that is strong enough to stand on its own.” – read more

Exclaim! (Canada) “The series’ secret weapon is its accompanying musical compilation.” –  read more

Rove Magazine (Japan) – click here



Jamaica Gleaner (2010)- click here – “new territory in the collusion of art and Jamaican music”

Large Up/OkPlayerclick here – “Not content to be the only Rastas in the comic book universe… Dread & Alive has gone the next step and become the first comic with a reggae soundtrack… Scientist would be proud.”

Achis Reggaeclick here – “a very STRONG compilation… one of the better lineups of the year.”

Web Designer Magazineclick here

Jamaica Gleaner (2009) – click here


Two tracks from The Lost Tapes V1 – Niyorah & Jah Mason – “Bruk Down Barrier” (#5) and Hanouneh – “New Zion” (#15) – were included on Juno.com’s Top 20 Recommended Reggae Downloads (October 2010)


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