Music. Dread & Alive’s The Lost Tapes V1 (Soul of the Lion)

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“a very STRONG compilation… one of the better lineups of the year.”




  1. Anthony B: Sweet Jamaica
  2. Lutan Fyah: Jah Will
  3. Annette Brissett: Lift Your Head Up
  4. Baijie: Global Warning
  5. Taddy P ft Mackie Conscious: Leave The Crumbs
  6. SOJA: Rest Of My Life
  7. Toussaint: Be You
  8. Sahra Indio: Jah Fire
  9. Hanouneh: New Zion
  10. Bob Andy: Planet Earth
  11. The Itals: Nearer
  12. I Octane: Stab Vampire
  13. Monsoon: Jah
  14. Niyorah ft Jah Mason: Bruck Down Barrier


After combing the hills of Jamaica, the ocean lapped shores of the Pacific, the wide open spaces of North America and the icy reaches of Scandinavia, Soul of the Lion and Zoolook Records have unearthed a treasure trove of tunes.

Dread —-

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“new territory in the collusion of art and Jamaican music”

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“Not content to be the only Rastas in the comic book universe… Dread & Alive has gone the next step and become the first comic with a reggae soundtrack… Scientist would be proud.”

Achis Reggaeclick here

“a very STRONG compilation… one of the better lineups of the year.”

World Of Black Heroes

Interview with comic book creator Nicholas Da Silva - click here

Interview with Toussaint – click here

Interview with Sahra Indio - click here

Interview with Monsoon – click here

* * *

Zoolook, in cooperation with Soul of the Lion, is pleased to present Nicholas Da Silva’s Dread & Alive: The Lost Tapes. The debut audio counterpart to the highly anticipated Issue #3 of the Dread & Alive comic book series, The Lost Tapes features top current international roots reggae artists Anthony B, Lutan Fyah, SOJA, Jah Mason, I-Octane and Niyorah as well as respected veterans Bob Andy, Annette Brissett and the Grammy-nominated harmony trio, The Itals. Uniting artists from the Caribbean, Europe, the Pacific Rim and North America, including contributions from award-winning Itation Records, renowned Jamaican guitarist/ producer Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith and critically acclaimed I Grade Records, The Lost Tapes is a clearly comprehensive and unique find for music as well roots and culture fans everywhere.

Scheduled for digital release September 14, The Lost Tapes captures the universal social, political and artistic themes with which roots reggae music, and Da Silva’s fascinating storyline, have spread worldwide. Baijie and Mackie Conscious embody these enduring messages in the music while the magnetic mysticism of Sahra Indio, the soul roots of Toussaint (former lead singer of Stax Records / Blue Note recording group Soulive), Jamaican bass virtuoso Taddy P and European jazz/Hip Hop/reggae artist Hanouneh reflect the breadth and depth of the album. Including previously unreleased tracks from Anthony B, The Itals and Monsoon, each of the new and hit songs spanning reggae, dub and soulful roots are designed to be heard either alongside Da Silva’s comic book, or, as a special, standalone musical event.

Click on Issue #3′s cover below to go to the Dread & Alive website

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