Radio. NPR gives Midnite’s new album a “First Listen”

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Vaughn Benjamin (L) and Andrew ‘Bassie’ Campbell (R)
From National Public Radio (NPR): click here

October 23, 2011: Most people associate roots reggae with Bob Marley, which makes sense: No other 20th-century artist so dominated an entire genre. The drawback of Marley’s ubiquity is that roots reggae can feel like a fossilized sound that peaked in the late 1970s and disappeared with Marley in 1981. The subsequent rise of Jamaican dancehall and digital production didn’t help its case for modernity, nor did its Rastafarian wariness of Western culture, a.k.a. Babylon.

But roots reggae’s pulse never died out. It slowed, there’s no doubt about that, but like the British in 1939, it kept calm and carried on. For the past 15 years, its most distinct torchbearer has been Vaughn Benjamin, leader of St. Croix’s Midnite. Benjamin is Rastafari through and through, and seems less concerned with pop hits than with spreading messages of peace and unity. On paper, that sincerity and devotion can feel quaint, but like all things zen, you need to meet it halfway to truly appreciate it. Once you do, Benjamin’s incantations are captivating. keep reading


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