TV. Rap City welcomes Tasha Rozez to the show on May 26

Rap City welcomes Tasha Rozez to the show on May 26 and aired at 11pm on Much Music, Canada’s premier music television channel.

Tonight on Rap City
With the Stylus Awards in Toronto this weekend, we’ve got a high energy line up of guests on the show tomorrow. Performance by Vancity’s SonReal and Toronto’s super producer Rich Kidd, an interview with Mayhem Morearty and JRDN, guest DJ and Stylus nominee Tasha Rozez, and of course our #Freestyle battle.

Your Rap City Host is T-RexXx (Twitter )

Click here for the Vlog.

RapCity is a live show on Much Music that pairs new videos with heated debate about the music, trends, news and personalties making noise in hip-hop. With sustained involvement from people involved in the rap scene, plus performances, interviews, and rare, classic moments from Much’s bottomless vault, the show represents the life of a genre under constant evolution and redefinition.


If looks could kill, Gunz N Rozez, the female sound system from Toronto, Canada, would ‘done the place’ as they say in the Jamaican dancehall. But in the heated atmosphere of the sound system business, looks alone don’t kill, music does, and Gunz N Rozez, led by Tasha Rozez, has the trophy and the skills to prove it.

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