TV. Tempo TV & Channel 12 in Bahamas put spotlight on Tasha Rozez

(Nassau, Bahamas, June 17, 2010) Tasha Rozez, founder of the undefeated champion Gunz N Rozez sound system, is a featured guest on Roots & Culture television program today, Friday, June 18th 10:30pm & Saturday, June 19 at 7:30pm on Bahamas television Channel 12 before turning the show over to the Caribbean’s choice for music and culture, Tempo TV, in the following weeks.

Caribbean royalty. Tasha Rozez (R) with Roots & Culture host Nadine Thomas Brown (L) at Queens Staircase, Nassau, Bahamas

Recorded when Gunz N Rozez was in the Bahamas headlining the May 2010 Don’s & Divas event, and with the historical Queens Staircase as the perfect backdrop, host Nadine Thomas-Brown and Tasha explore the things that matter:  the music, being a woman in the biz, education and more.

In addition to bragging rights to go with the first ever Female Sound Clash Champion trophy (2002) on the shelf, and crucial combinations with Kardinall Offishall (“Bad Like We Bad”) and Wio-k (“Footloose”) on the airwaves, Tasha’s smooth mixing and mastery of a sharp lyrical flow put Gunz N Rozez on a different level. Armed with custom songs from world renowned artists, a warrior’s mentality and feminine mystique, the three-time DJ Stylus award nominee in Rozez is also one of the most travelled and sought after DJs out of Canada. Numerous tours through Asia, the United States, Caribbean and Europe have translated into features on MTV Europe and Canada’s equivalent, Much Music.

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