TLP 018: Gentleman and Richie Stephens take over The Listening Party


TLP 018 welcomes Richard Stephenson and Tilmann Otto. Best known as Richie Stephens and Gentleman, their performance last August at the Woodstock Music Festival in Poland set in motion a chain of events that have yet to end. Gentleman brought Richie to Poland for the festival and Richie returned the favor by inviting Gentleman to join him at Jamaica Jazz and Blues in late January of this year, a signature concert event throughout the region and the world. Following Jazz and Blues they spent a couple weeks recording more tunes, two music videos and responding to seemingly unending media requests. Richie Stephens and Gentleman have recorded many songs together, so why such intense interest now? Basically it comes down to numbers. Listen for yourself and get a preview of music yet to be released. And at the end of the show don’t miss the new Song of the Week from The 45 Shootout.



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