For the month of February, a rotating selection of seven, limited-edition framed posters from the World A Reggae exhibition (2012, National Gallery of Jamaica) will be on display in the library at Strawberry Hill, the Island Outpost resort property developed by Chris Blackwell. The posters are available to the public through a silent auction format. Silent bids are being accepted in the library at Strawberry Hill through Sunday, February 24. The posters represent both juried and specially contributed designs to the International Reggae Poster Contest (IRPC) including five posters that have never been available previously.

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Poetry album. Mel Cooke – Seh Sup’m: Live from Kingston

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Entitled ‘Mel Cooke… Seh Sup’m: Live from Kingston’, the CD has 14 original  poems and nine tracks of audience interaction, in which Cooke gives context to the  upcoming poem. Together, they form a comprehensive, engaging presentation in  which he takes on a diverse range of issues as they impact on Jamaica. Those issues  include male homosexuality, political garrisons, concepts of manhood, the beauty of  Jamaican women, the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake and Jamaica’s development  since independence.

Among the poems are ‘Bad Man Pull Up’, which takes a caustic look at men showing  their underwear, ‘This is Jamaica’, a reworking of the National Anthem, ‘House  Cleaning’ – based on Mavado’s song of the same name and which challenges  stereotypes of manhood through personal experience – and the somewhat  raunchy ‘Schoolas’, which uses word play extensively.  The recording was done at the March 2010 staging of Seh Sup’m, held at the Village  Blues Bar, Barbican. The event was hosted by Clement ‘Izimi Clem’ Hamilton, who  introduces Cooke on the CD.


Book release. Global Reggae (UWI Press)

These plenary lectures from the “Global Reggae” conference convened at the University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica in 2008 eloquently exemplify the breadth and depth of current scholarship on Jamaican popular music. Radiating from the Jamaican centre, these illuminating essays highlight the “glocalization” of reggae – its global dispersal and adaptation in diverse local contexts of consumption and transformation.

The languages of Jamaican popular music, both literal and metaphorical, are first imitated in pursuit of an undeniable “originality”. Over time, as the music is indigenized, the Jamaican model loses its authority to varying degrees. The revolutionary ethos of reggae music is ranslated into local languages that articulate the particular politics of new cultural contexts. Echoes of the Jamaican source gradually fade. But new hybrid sounds return to their Jamaican origins, engendering polyvocal, cross-cultural dialogue.

From the inter/disciplinary perspectives of historical sociology, musicology, history, media studies, literature, anthropology, sociology, cultural studies, the creative/cultural industries and, above all, the metaphorical “life sciences”, the contributors to this definitive volume lucidly articulate a cultural politics that acknowledges the far-reaching creativity of small-islanders with ancestral memories of continents of origin.

The globalization of reggae music and its “wild child” dancehall is, indeed, an affirmation of the unquantifiable potential of the Jamaican people to reclaim identities and establish ties of  affiliation that are not circumscribed by the Caribbean Sea: To the world!

Co-published with the Prince Claus Fund.


Lyrics. Kabaka Pyramid – “New Year” (Green Lion/SOTL Records)


Recorded on Green Lion’s More Spiritual Riddim (2012) click here

Download a complimentary copy on The 45 Shootout click here



I hear them say 2012 shall be the ending of the world
I and I say fire pon dem
Whappen to dem
Green Lion and Kabaka Pyramid a dash a fire upon the nasty beast

New year new style
We a drop the bomb
Pon di whole a babylon
Dem organization

New year new style
We a bring the heat
Promoting all the farming
Not the corn
And not the wheat

New year new style
Dem a fearing us
True we entering into the age of Aquarius

Me say new year new style
We a lock the show
From Jamaica where we know
To Europe over so

Dem a say me have a lot of things fi talk, true
Me a look a round and me see a lot of things fi sort (like wha?)
Fi bun up babylon and just the proper links we want


Happening. Sat Dec 29 >> Green Lion in Denver, Colorado for Opal Lion Saturdays

2nd International Reggae Poster Contest Call for Designs

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Music. Eek A Mouse – “Terrorists In The Sh**ty” (Green Lion remix)

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Green Lion’s third installment in its Eek A Mouse remix series weaves together synthy EDM breaks, dubbed out trap beats and reggae riddims for the key to a real conscious party. Check the first Eek remix releases, “Eek Do Dem” and “Long Time A Dub“, which set the stage with dub and dubstep editions. Now, “Terrorists In The Shitty” Green Lion Remix will ram it with people trapped by the raw gritty sound.





Preview Eek A Mouse – “Terrorists In The Sh**ty” (Green Lion remix)
Eek a Mouse- Terrorists in the Shitty (Green Lion Remix) Free Download! by GreenLionCrew


Happening. UTech Jamaica Presents The 2012 Chancellor’s Medal to The Jamaican Music Industry

On Saturday December 8, the Chancellor of the University of Technology, Jamaica, awarded the Jamaican Music Industry the prestigious Chancellor’s Medal for its contributions to Jamaica locally and abroad. At the height of the star-studded event featuring a who’s who of Jamaican music, Edward Seaga presented a cross section of music industry personalities from past and present with the Chancellor’s Medal, the equivalent of  an honorary degree from the university. The medal will be housed at the Jamaica Music Museum.

In addition to live performances by Tarrus Riley, Singing Melody, NoMaddz and Mr Vegas, the award ceremony included an exclusive art exhibition curated by the Jamaica Music Museum and co curated by Soul of the Lion. From vintage instruments to contemporary dancehall fashion, the exhibition covered the breadth and depth of the music industry at large. Many thanks to UTech Jamaica’s Office of the Registrar and BCAT communications program, the Jamaica Music Museum, Sweetland Photographics, White Skyy, Lazer Disc and the Jamaica Gleaner.


Music Video. Million Stylez – “More Spiritual” Official Video

Preview the complete More Spiritual riddim on We Run England - Single - Mr Williamz and The 45 Shootout.


Artist: Million Stylez
Song: More Spiritual
Length: 4:15
Lyrics By: Million Stylez (K. Iryo)
Produced By: Green Lion

Music. Various Artists – Queen of Queens Riddim (Larger Than Life)

Available on Queen of Queens Riddim - Various Artists

Queen Of Queens Riddim Ifficial MegaMix by LargerThanLife™Records